My success blog is designed to help you grow to your success

in anybusinesses  and hopefully beyond!

Success isn't just about what we get out of something but rather what we put into something! What we get out of something is the fruit of what we put into something.

Success is the product of the work we do!

When we die and we all do, are we hailed for what we have or what we did? Hollywood movie stars are not praised for what or how much they have, although it may be talked about, but rather what they did or made or created! 

So success being about what we do, then what we do becomes extremely important! If we cause or create pain and suffering it will not produce the success most of us are looking for, but if we give and create or produce joy and peace and health and wealth and knowledge or even wisdom for others we create our own success!

Each of us has our own way or path to success and everyone's success is different than an others but it is all accomplished the same way, through work! 

In my business I only want to give you information and tools to help you become who you were meant to be, Successful! I'm not here to sugar coat anything!

Fear is Not of God!

Are you afraid of being rich? Did you know that most people are! Society has taught us that if we follow the rules and work our jobs for someone else for 40 yrs and pay our mortgages life will be good! I'm not here to tell you it can't be, but I can tell you not only is it less likely now than in years gone by, but there is more to the story!

Even our parents were part of the teaching because they were programmed the same way. Remember what they said? Money doesn't grow on trees, you have a good job, you can't give that up for a dream! Keep working hard at that job and someday you could make manager! Not many people would ever tell you that you could be what ever you want and actually mean it!

Well it's not true you can be what ever and who ever you want! You can also be as rich as you want! And you don't even have to feel guilty about it! The bible says it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle. But Jesus was talking about a non believer! It is also stated that we should not just live life but we should live it more abundantly! Abraham was rich, Job was rich, Solomon was rich, and many others as well. So why not you!

We need to break the idea that has been instilled in us to be less than we can be and poor all our lives! We need to again believe in ourselves, to know in our own hearts that it is not just OK to be rich but that it is good to be rich! Just think of the good you could do if you were rich! Helping the needy, a friend, a family member, a church or mission, then think of how many you can help now!

It's time to break the chains that bind you and set yourself free to do that which you were meant to do, help others by being successful! So reach out click the button or contact me so we can work together to make your dreams come true!

How sure of yourself are you? Do you have a fear of failure?

I know, I'm unsure of just about everything I say or do or even want to do! I have a fear of not being perfect, not being good enough, not knowing enough, not being able to succeed, and the list goes on. It's different than a fear of dying, I actually don't have that fear it's almost like a fear of living and it seems to try and stop me from doing a lot of things in my life. There is no one on earth who does it right all the time and never makes a mistake!

Having this kind of fear can keep someone from moving forward in life, you become afraid to do things like start a business because it might fail, we're indecisive, so we don't take risks! Or helping someone because we might do it wrong, makes us feel inferior! Not building something because it might fall apart, makes us a perfectionist! Fear of letting someone down, so we hang on to safety!

Do you know any business owners who don't take risks? Me either!

For me it seems as if every time I try to get out from under what ever, something pulls me back down. I bought a car warranty then took the car in about a month later for brakes $2000 dollars later I found out that the warranty not only didn't cover some parts but it was one day and 34 miles early for it to cover the rest of the parts!

But there is good news! We have it in us to change it all! To loose the fear and grow with confidence!  It's all about giving, letting go, and living with integrity! When we do things that are not full of integrity we short change ourselves and others! So just do it to the best of your ability the first time and every time! Let go of the expectations that we put on ourselves! Just because we fail doesn't mean we did it wrong, besides when we fail we learn and can then move forward! Giving not just money but of ourselves, our knowledge, our strength, our wisdom!

All of these things each and everyone of us can do, just do it! It will erase the fear we feel and free us to grow in ways we never thought possible! I know I have! In fact I just gave you this information for free and I feel better for it!

Have Confidence in God, Trust in Him All the things in your Life!


Is It Too Late?

Of course there is a simple answer, NO! But that doesn't work for everyone! Is it too late is actually a relative term and can mean different things to different people! Like is it too late to get in the game has it already been saturated, all used up! Well the answer to that too is no. Just for this niche there are over 200,000 people on line every day 365 days a year looking for on line business and that's just in the US!

So is it too late for me because I'm 64 years old? I can't even get a job because no one will hire someone my age! Again the answer is NO! First of all 64 isn't old we're seasoned, which means we know how to work! We listen and learn and work hard to do it! We don't give in or give up, we keep on keeping on! 

The only time anything can possibly be too late, and even this is questionable, Is if the proverbial door has already closed! 

In other words your dead!

So is it too late for you? NO!

Do you want to make a change in your life? If you are here I am pretty sure the answer is YES! Which means it very well could be your time right now! 

We will never run out of People!

The door will always be Open!

Growing Old isn't about Getting Old, It's about Growing!

Is It Too Late? NO! Start Now! Start Here!

What Is It That You Have To Do To Make Money In This Business?

First of all let’s get something straight right out of the box! This is not just a business, it is Your business! Now take a minute and let that sink in! Go Ahead I’ll wait.

It’s your business! That’s right yours and yours alone, but you won’t be alone!

You’ll just own it alone! It’s kind of like a job, you know like mowing a lawn or building a house or managing a department in a store or maybe the whole store you get the idea! You do the work and you earn a check that you become married to, being forced to do the work because you have to have the check! Right?

But, there are some big differences.

One you call the shots all of them!

Two you get all the money!

Three choose When, Where and How much to work!

Yes, like all businesses you’ll have to do some work there is no such thing as a free lunch but it doesn’t come much closer than this! In the beginning you will put some time in but once set up you may have to work an hour a day, maybe! And if you don’t want to work during your vacation that’s okay too because

you will still be making money!

 So now you know that it will be your business but you won’t need to be alone and you will want to put some work in but it’s not rocket science and as you can see the hours are short and up to you!

Most of the time when you buy a business not only is there a ton of work but there is a ton of different things to do! You have to figure out how many burgers, you are going to need how many buns, how much cheese, and ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles, napkins, salt, pepper, and all the rest then order it. So you have inventory control then the truck comes and you get to check the order make sure it’s right then unload it, put it away, keep running tabs on it and of course try to sell it!

Are you tired yet because I am and I’m just writing it down!

With this business there is no ordering, receiving, loading or unloading, counting, stocking, or even selling!

You also don’t ask friends or family to join you, don’t have to destroy your social media either, you can but you really shouldn’t but it’s your business and you can do it any way you want!

The real sweet part is that virtually all but one step is done for you!

Do you know what it is?

Here it comes, the big deal … Drive traffic!

That's it!

No not the kind of traffic on the streets, but the kind of traffic of people looking to buy an online business kind of traffic! No you’re not driving the traffic, It's more like guiding people. You are not driving people to put them under you like a pyramid or an MLM! You’re trying to help people so they can look at a business opportunity and decide if they want their own business!

Do you seeing a pattern yet?

Everything you (they), need is done it’s all there waiting to be used!

All you really need to do is help people!

The more people you can help the more money you will make!

Now I don’t know about you but that seems too easy! It’s not easy! It’s going to take some learning and some online set up but the satisfaction way out ways what you put into helping others!

How you help people is up to you after all it’s your business and almost every professional and entrepreneur has a different and successful way to do it! You just have to pick out what works for you!

Like I said before this is not rocket science but it does require action on your part!

The difference between a winner and a looser is the action they take!

I just gave you the key if you are ready to take Action and reach out for your dream, click below!

God Bless,

Michael Ketcham

It's a Mindset!

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5

We all have the qualities necessary to succeed. Then why are there so many people struggling to get ahead in life? When we were young the sky was the limit. I remember when one of my sons was in kindergarten; they asked all the students what they wanted to do when they grew up. There were answers of being an astronaut, a nurse/doctor, football player, tennis star, president. My son Dustin responded that he wanted to be a zookeeper. At first compared to the rest of the children I said “really?!” but then I thought about it- for a five year old, that would seem to be the most enjoyable career. Then we grow up and we hear all the sounds of limitations. Parents, teachers, people in authority, and other family members telling us or suggesting to be realistic, or “people from this neighborhood or family has never done that”, it’s too expensive, and it’s not worth the price.

We are Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People!

They tell us we can't get anywhere unless we go to college. I’m not saying that this is all you've heard. There are times that I have heard encouraging words about going after it all (it just seems like these are few and far between. I've come to the conclusion that if people you are getting advice from have not accomplished great things, that sometimes it’s hard for them to suggest that you can accomplish the big things. If they've never been there, how can they tell you how to get there?

An example I can think of is how you train a flea. When you put a flea in a jar, what does it do? It jumps high, and it can jump out. The possibilities are endless. When you put a lid on the jar, the flea will continually hit its head on the lid, after a while any self-respecting flea will stop jumping so high. It’s like the people who put limitations on what we can do. And even if we remove the lid off the jar, the flea will not jump out because it’s been conditioned to only jump so high. This is what I mean when I say, sometimes if we've taken in too much negativity it limits where we can go in life! Even if great opportunity comes our way, we either don’t recognize it or we just feel it’s something we can't do. Like the flea, at this at this stage of life, we need some help. The flea needs a flea trainer, and we need a life trainer!

We are also Susceptible to the Positive Influence of Other People!

The best suggestions I've ever received were to associate with people that did more, have more, give more, and want more. Associate with the people that have done it, and let them guide you all the way out of the jar. We only live once, why not live to your fullest potential?